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Indian Keto Diet Plan: Super Easy keto Plan to Follow

No doubt, for Indians, an Indian Keto Diet Plan is the most sought after dieting plan for obvious reasons. Across the internet one can search for various options and it is seen that 99% of the times we get a non-veg Keto diet option which is full of meats that we Indians don’t even eat. This makes us slightly unhappy and de-motivated. Keto Diet weight loss is in trend for a while, many celebrities are using this method to stay in shape and stay sharp.


Therefore, an Indian version if Keto diet becomes much important. Hence, this article would focus on Indian Keto Diet Plan and make your life easier. Afterall we all have some sort of developed tastes since childhood. Sure, we have? Correct me if I am wrong.


The ketogenic diet is commonly known as a Low Carb High Fat diet (LCHF diet) or Low carb diet.


Indian Keto Diet Plan
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How does the keto diet help you lose weight?


Contrary to most diets and weight loss programs, a ketogenic diet is based on the principle of consuming less carbohydrates and more fat.


  • The ketogenic diet requires you to eat fewer carbohydrates.
  • The body thus enters a state of ketosis.
  • Ketosis involves breaking down the fat stored in the liver in order to produce energy for the body.
  • The fat stored in your body will be used and you will lose weight faster.
  • When fats don’t settle in the body, you will become leaner and healthier.
  • When you have less fat, your body is saved from various harmful diseases such as diabetes, coronary heart disease and cholesterol.
  • This helps increase the quality of life and also gives you longevity.
  • This may seem difficult at first, but we humans can adapt our bodies to changes in a very short time.


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Changes required before beginning Indian Keto Diet Plan


If you have decided to try the ketogenic diet, you will certainly need some time to plan your meals. First, think about and find out the number of carbohydrates you eat each day.


Now decide how much you can cut them from each meal. Carbohydrates should not be more than 15% of the whole day’s diet. You should plan a diet such that each meal contains only 5% carbohydrates.


To begin with, try cutting down on traditional sources of carbohydrates.


  • If you eat three chapattis (Indian Bread) for lunch, reduce it to two.
  • Eat only one focaccia* for dinner.
  • Green leafy vegetables, root vegetables and fruit contain many vitamins and minerals and provide much less calories to the body.
  • They can easily supply the required amount of carbohydrates to your body every day.
  • Additionally, they make you feel fuller faster and for longer periods of time.
  • Avoid eating refined flour as it can adversely affect your gastrointestinal system and also contains a lot of calories.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks, packaged juices and sodas as they contain a lot of sugar and will frustrate all your efforts.


*Focaccia is a type of flat Italian bread made with yeast and olive oil and flavoured with herbs.


Indian keto diet Plan
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Is Keto diet suitable for Indians?


Since Indian cuisine is high in carbohydrates, adapting to the keto diet can be a little challenging. However, our Indian food plan includes a variety of low-carbohydrate vegetables and flours and blends well with the keto diet plan.


Including white butter, paneer, gram flour, fish, chicken, local vegetables such as spinach, bottled squash, Indian round squash, aubergines and beets can prove to be extremely nutritious and also help you lose weight quickly along with the added benefits of checking your levels of insulin.


Advantages of indian Keto Diet Plan:


1. Since keto diets are low in carbohydrates but high in fat, they help kill hunger. This is the best part of this diet as hunger during your weight loss plan can demotivate you and often lead you to cheat.


2. The Keto diet has proven to be a very quick and effective way to lose weight from many proven studies including the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), which is part of the United States National Library of Medicine (NLM), a branch of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).


3. Keto diets have been shown to lead to increased HDL, good cholesterol levels in the body. Since low carbohydrates tend to be high in fat, they often lead to healthy HDL in our blood levels.


4. Keto diets are also known to reduce insulin and blood sugar levels and are extremely useful for those suffering from Type 2 diabetes.


Disadvantages of Indian Keto Diet Plan:


1. Since the keto diet has few carbohydrates, it can often lead to constipation since the body does not have enough for mass training.


2. The biggest disadvantage of the keto diet is that you may end up losing muscle as the protein intake is moderate compared to the fats that are involved.


3. The initial weight loss in the keto diet is the weight of the water. When your body loses weight in water, it means that it is also losing electrolytes. This can often lead to leg cramps, which can be very painful.


4. Diarrhea is a serious setback that comes with the keto diet. This happens because there is a complete change in the diet and fat consumption is higher.



Indian Keto Diet plan for weight loss


The following plan is designed for Indians with a sedentary lifestyle. This plan provides about 1600 calories in total. Includes 20 g of carbohydrates with 80 calories, 74 g of protein with 296 calories and 136 g of fat with 1224 calories. You can add or decrease calories depending on the type of lifestyle you live and your personal needs.


Note: To increase your calorie intake, increase the amount of olive oil, peanut oil, small butter and coconut oil. use them as a dressing in your salads and vegetables. Prepare your low carb snack or use it to cook the vegetables you choose.


To decrease calorie intake, you can simply use the portion control trick or just less a meal.


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4 – Week Indian Keto Diet Plan Chart for Weight Loss


An adequate keto cycle works for 4 weeks. let’s see the Indian Keto Diet Plan week by week below:


Week 1


You can toggle or choose from the options mentioned below for the whole week




      • Cheese pakora (fried in peanut oil / coconut oil)
      • Omelette with cheese and lots of cheese (cooked in olive oil and butter)
      • Scrambled cheese with a lot of pepper (cooked in olive oil and butter)




      • Simple salad (spinach, pepper, mushrooms, sauteed in olive oil and butter, sometimes with chicken, sometimes with eggs and sometimes only vegetables covered with a lot of cheese)
      • Cream of palak with sauteed mushrooms / broccoli
      • Solkadhi and baked green beans (whole) with cheese
      • Curried cauliflower in coconut milk and coconut oil




      • Baked spinach with cheese and cream
      • Lemon Chicken Stew
      • Pakora fried Paneer
      • Sauteed lamb with spices of choice
      • Coleslaw / Coleslaw with coconut (Kerala-style vegetables)


Week 2


This week we present a special mixture of coconut oil, cream and butter. All you need to do is beat these 3 ingredients together and swallow them. I know it’s hard, but you will if you want to lose weight. If this seems like torture, mix it with your tea or coffee decoction.


Add any spice your tongue needs to accept this. Do not add sugar, you can use artificial sweeteners such as Stevia and nature without sugar. This mixture will help a lot to improve your fat loss. Let’s call this coffee mix as Bullet coffee.




      • Bullet Coffee (coffee / tea mixed with coconut oil, cream and butter mixture)




      • Simple salad (spinach, pepper, mushrooms, sauteed in olive oil and butter, sometimes with chicken, sometimes with eggs and sometimes only vegetables covered with a lot of cheese)
      • Fried Pakora with spices and paneer
      • Red Channa Salad
      • Lemon chicken
      • Curry Soy Nugget
      • Melindre sauteed with peanuts (Maharashtrian style)




      • Sauteed french beans with cheese topping / cheese fondue
      • Cauliflower cooked in coconut milk and coconut oil
      • Cream of mushroom soup
      • Chicken stew
      • Cheese pakora


Week 3


As the week progresses, the keto diet will become more difficult each day. Week 3 requires a fasting stage. So we will eat breakfast early, without lunch and after 12 hours of fasting, we will have a full dinner. This is called intermittent fasting. (Read more about intermittent fasting)




      • Bullet Coffee




      • Fast, just keep drinking water and unsweetened green tea / lemon water with pepper




      • 6-8 soaked almonds every day during this week
      • Chicken in pesto sauce with paneer and spinach leaves sauteed in olive oil
      • Paneer Chilly
      • Chicken barbecue with spinach and cheese salad
      • Spinach omelette with lots of cheese


Week 4


It is really getting very difficult now. This week you just have to eat dinner. while fasting for the whole day. Yes, you can drink green teas, lemon water (with salt and pepper), green teas (without sugar) and yes a lot, a lot of water. If fasting seems strictly difficult, you can return to week 2 and start following from there again.


Note: Although I am giving you all the information about the Indian version of the ketogenic diet, now you know how strict it is to follow it. I do not strictly recommend that you follow this diet without proper supervision of a dietitian. You are responsible for your own health. So take care of it.




      • Black tea / lemon tea / peach tea (sugar free)
      • Black coffee




      • Green tea (without sugar)
      • Lemon water (without sugar)
      • A lot and a lot of water




      • Green beans sauteed with coconut and peanuts
      • Schezwan Chicken
      • Spinach cooked in milk, cream and cheese
      • Sauteed vegetables with spices and cream dressing
      • Chicken stew
      • Thai chicken
      • Lemon chicken
      • Sauteed paneer with spinach and pepper
      • Almond flour crepes


I hope, by now you have understood the 4 week cycle of this Indian version of the ketogenic diet. You can follow this diet weekly. But, I would recommend that you consult some dietitian or a doctor before starting out. You may have some medical condition or allergies that you may want to discuss with your doctor first.


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Indian Keto Diet Plan
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An Example of Indian Keto Diet Plan (Short)




      • Paneer bhurji / cheese omelette with vegetables / egg bhurji with vegetables




      • Spinach soup with mushrooms and a pinch of white butter




      • Green vegetable salad with cheese / sauteed vegetable roll



7 Indian Keto Diet Plan Friendly Dishes


At this point, you are probably looking for recipes that spice up your home cooking, and although the diet is not ideal for all types of cuisine, Indian food is about to be your new option.


From seafood curry and tandoori to vegetable masalas, this list of keto recipes will show that the region offers complex flavors that keto eaters can dig directly, as long as you’re happy to say goodbye to that beloved NAAN.


1.) Coconut curry chicken drumsticks


This healthy coconut curry chicken is naturally low carb and gluten free, but don’t worry, that doesn’t mean it’s soft. When there is curry powder combined with other Indian-inspired spices, such as turmeric and cumin, it can only be delicious.


Then it is thickened with coconut milk and sweetened with honey and lemon so that it is in good hands. Leftovers will also move, and they may even know better after the meat is marinated in that bold sauce overnight.


2.) Butter Chicken


You’ll want to eat this creamy and buttery chicken straight from the pot with a spoon, thanks to the smell alone. Expect super tender chicken pieces mixed with tomatoes and your homemade yogurt marinade. Be sure to brown the ingredients on the stove before mixing them with your special curry sauce, especially onions for that caramelizing effect.


3.) Vegetable Masala


Marinating vegetables (low carb) in this spiced tomato puree offers you a tender and juicy dish that you can easily contain as a main course. It is substantial enough to fill it for lunch or to eat it with eggs for breakfast, you won’t even miss the beans.


4.) Egg curry


This is infallible. You will be boiling eggs and making a simple homemade sauce made from coconut oil, mustard seeds, cinnamon, cardamom, peppercorns, green peppers and a variety of spices.


Important advice: The dish has to do with its creamy texture, so you will want to keep the yolk slightly sticky and be careful not to boil it too much. Spicy food fans can increase heat based on the amount of curry leaves they dare to add.


5.) Butter Cheese


We can’t imagine a time when we don’t feel like fried cheese. This recipe is about frying paneer (cottage cheese) in turmeric, salt and red chili powder.


Then it is heated together with a sauce made of garlic, ginger paste, green chilies, onions and tomatoes, which shows that sometimes more is better when it comes to flavors.


6.) Cauliflower and kale soup


This hot soup comes together quickly, and your purchases will be minimal, since it is just a large bowl of all your basic pantry spices: cumin, coriander, paprika, ginger and cayenne.


We love cauliflower here, which adds a bit of texture and fills you. Kale also adds a nice green crunch, but be careful if you’ve had too many carbohydrates that day.


7.) Tandoori Fish Tikka


For a light and healthy meal during the week, opt for a tasty fish. You’ll want to marinate your fresh steak in tandoori masala, yogurt and salt and pepper for a few hours (overnight if you can).


For cooking, throw your fish in the oven or on the stove with a minimum of oil. Don’t worry about finding tandoori masala, you can easily hook it in big stores like Walmart, Target and Amazon.


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A keto diet is a low carb and high fat diet that is beneficial for those looking to lose weight and increase metabolic rate. This diet has become increasingly popular due to the rapid results it offers. In this diet, your carbohydrate intake should be less than fat intake. These fats are healthy fats that your body will use to convert them into energy and increase your metabolic rate and, consequently, increase your activity.


Ketones are produced from broken down fats in the liver. They help release energy, which the body would otherwise obtain from the glucose released by carbohydrate sources. When ketones are produced in the body, the body enters a state of ketosis, in which your body is completely fed by fat. When your metabolic rate increases, your body tends to burn fat more efficiently. And you reach your desirable weight in a fast time frame.


I hope these Indian dishes will help you find an answer for your search of Indian Keto diet Plan. Most of these dishes are already being eaten on regular basis in some parts of India. Hence, it should not be a problem finding them and having them and still not being kicked out of Keto diet.

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