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Alcohol on Keto Diet: Will Drinking kick you out of Keto?

If you have a large group of friends or colleagues or you love parties and you are very social, and you are on a keto Diet. Life definitely becomes hell-like when you are in a bar and you see carbs all around you. Alcohol on Keto diet will always look like a spoiler. And, the Question that will resonate your mind is:


What can I drink on Keto?


Well, the situation may seem bad, but fortunately it is not that bad. There are few keto-friendly low carb alcohols in the world which can solve your problem and you can easily enjoy your social life on the keto diet.

The keto diet requires high fat and low carbohydrate food or drinks for better health and weight loss.

Hence, the best option is a strong drink made from natural sugars, seeds, vegetables, and fruits (sugar is converted into ethyl alcohol during the ferment and purification process).


Alcohol is believed to be a source of empty calories in your daily diet. This implies that it adds calories to your daily total intake, but adds no nutritional value at all. For long, people have also believed that small amounts of alcohol may have health benefits, especially heart health. But, talking about diet or losing weight, no research has shown that it has helped in weight loss. Only time one can see a weight loss due to alcohol is when over-alcoholism starts eating up a person’s health, once the lever damage has begun.


Will Drinking KICK you OUT of Ketosis?


Well, the answer to this question would be a “NO”. Happy? Let’s understand how it goes.

One serving glass of strong alcohol won’t kick you out of keto. But, taking a strong alcoholic drink while on a keto diet will affect your progress of course. Drinking liquor does not undo your improvement but will affect keto-acidosis. Hence, slowing down the results.

When the body follows the rules of a keto diet, liver function changes as the body has reduced ketones reserves. If you drink alcohol which contains high carbs. This will slow down your progress because your body actually requires low carbs and high fat on a keto diet.

Taking the drink every day for people who follow keto is not good for them. One glass of alcohol at a party or any other event is not bad, but drinking on a daily basis may slow down the process of burning fat in your body. And can eventually throw you out of Keto as well.

So, what are the keto friendly options available around us?


Alcohol on Keto Diet - ketodietactive
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What can I drink on Keto? 


The good news is that there are quite a few options available for low carb drinks on a keto diet.

Drinks such as rum, gin, whiskey, tequila, and vodka are completely free or very low on carbs. On the other hand, different other drinks such as beer, mixed drinks, and wine, etc. have different amounts of carbs.

So, if you are on the keto diet, selecting the right ones is the key.


Friendly Alcohol on Keto diet


  • Rum
  • Gin
  • Red wine
  • White wine
  • Tequila
  • Vodka
  • Whiskey
  • Brandy
  • Beer




Rum is usually produced from sugar syrup or brown sugar that comes in many different combinations. It has no carbs and no sugar, but the only need is to look out for the other additional rum-flavores which contains low carb.

It is believed that if the color of rum is dark, then it’s full of flavor. Rum comes out as a pure liquid when it is first processed. Then it is usually put in whiskey bottles to get the aromatic taste and the dark color.

This dark color and taste of the bottles do not add any carbs in it.


Famous brands of Rum:


Sailor jerry 0 101
Malibu island spiced 0 71
Castillo 0 96
The kraken 1.5 104
Bacardi superior 0 97




Gin is produced from seeds and with fruits such as lime, orange, or lemon, but also be aware of variants that have a taste of sweetness.

Sloe gin has a number of alcohol levels from 15 to 30 percent. It is a mixture of sloe and gin. It is made in England.

Gin has no carbs if it’s taste is unsweetened. Flavored gins have sugar and they are not keto-friendly though.


Some famous brands of Gin:


Tanqueray 0 118
Bombay 0 111
Seagram’s 0 101
Gordons 0 96




In moderation, wine is the best to drink for health benefits.

There are many brands for wine in the world. So, first, you need to select the branded wine or search the nutrition information of it because some wines have low standards, no information regarding nutrition.

If you see the tag of harvest wine in a bottle, then remember it contains very high amount of carbs.

Typically, it is considered that the driest wines have the least amount of sugar. When the grapes are not entirely mature, they are used because of a very low amount of sugar.




Red wine has the lowest carbs. It also decreases the risk of depression, disease, and dementia. The daily glass of red wine can also boost your health.

It can also reduce the risk of heart disease but it is necessary that overdrinking will also increase the other risk.


Some famous brands of Red Wine:

Syrah 3.5 122
Merlot 3.6 121
Pinot Noir 3.3 121
Zinfandel 4.0 128




The level of antioxidants in white wine is higher, that’s why it is good to drink white wine. White wine can also help to improve the lungs.

There is very low carbohydrate in white wine and more importantly, the bottle of white wine is filled with the information of nutrition. Dry wines have lower carbs than others.

There are 6 grams of net carbs in wines but the red and the white wines have fewer carbs than others.


Famous brands of White Wine:

Moscato 4.0 100
Rose 5.0 100
Prosecco 1.0 100
Chardonnay 4.0 100
Pinot Grigio 5.0 100




Most beers are not keto-friendly.  Because beer is mainly made by hops, yeast, and barley. When you are on a diet, you should avoid beer. Because beer is divided into maltose sugar, which is the product of yeast, having a higher portion of carbs than other liquors.

There are some beers to drink that have low carbs. Many low carb beers are available in the U. S and in Europe. If you love to drink beer, then only drink the beer that has low carbs.

Little beer is a good choice of alcohol on keto diet.

It is considered that if the beer color is dark, then it has a higher amount of carbs. If you are on a keto diet, then you must avoid the beer’s dark color.


Famous brands of Beer:


Miller chill 3 100
Coors light 4 101
Amstel 5 94
Miller lite 3.1 100
Miller 64 2.3 65
Busch light 3.1 94
Natural light 3.2 95
Yuengling light 8.6 100





Brandy is usually prepared from fruit juice. There are various types of brandy. But the most popular brandy is cognac.


The volume of alcohol in brandy is between 35% to 60%.


If you love brandy, first you should get some online information about nutrition because some brandy companies mix the color of caramel in brandy. Choose carefully, maybe the colors add more carbs.


Famous Brandy brands:


Martell 0.1 103
Remy martin 3 101
Honey bee 0 102
Hennessy 0.4 126




Tequila has 40% alcohol by volume. It is produced from the plant of agave. You can drink tequila with other low carbs flavors.


Famous brands of Tequila:


Sauza 0 103
Milagros 0 102
Patron 0 103
Tres agaves 0 102




Whiskey is produced from seeds with a combination of flour, corn, and rye. There is 35% to 49% alcohol in it.


If the color of the whiskey is darker, then it has low carbs. It is one of the best options of alcohol on keto diet.

Sometimes you can not drink pure Whiskey. For this problem, it is cool to add some vodka in it.


Famous brands of Whiskey:


Wild turkey 0 103
Seagram’s 0 104
Dewar’s 0 103
Chivas regal 0 106
Jack Daniel’s 0 95




Vodka is usually made with seeds and a combination of rye, wheat. The amount of alcohol in vodka is about 34% to 49%.


Try vodka without any flavor in the bar.


But if you like flavors, then there are some various types of flavors that have no carbs. It is always good to first research online.


Famous brands of Vodka:


Skyy 0 104
Sedki 0 103
Grey goose 0 102
Cîroc 0 103
Smirnoff 0 96


Alcohols and Mixers that you should avoid on a keto diet


Here are some alcohol mixers that should be avoided. Because some of them generate a high level of carbs.


Here are the alcohols and mixture that should be avoided on a keto diet


  • Dessert wine
  • Wine coolers
  • Sweet flavor wine
  • Margarita
  • Sugar Syrup


Dessert wine


There is also some dessert wine in the world. They contain a very high amount of sugar with the 12 grams of carbs in ½ serving cups. You should avoid it.


Wine coolers


The most popular is the wine ice. Basically, it is a mixture of sweetening soda with alcoholic beverages. If you are on the keto diet you should avoid it.


Sweet flavor wines


People usually enjoy it with desserts and it has a sweet flavor more than dry wines. But lighter than sherry. It has 11 to 19 grams of carbs per bottle. So, you must avoid it.

Moscato, tokaji, and Malaysia wines are famous for these categories.




Margarita mix has 10 g carbs on 1.6 oz. If you are on a keto diet, you must avoid it.


Sugar Syrup


When you add alcohol to any simple syrup of sugar, it turns into a mixture that gives you high amount of carbs. Always keep in mind that the flavored alcohol always contains extra sugar. So, you must avoid them.


Some liquor name and their sweeter level:


Tokaji 59 to 449g/L
Moscato 89 to 119 g/L
Ice wine 120 to 220 g/L
Vintage Port 90 to 141g/L
Pedro Ximénez 312 + g/L

Alcohol on Keto Diet
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Alcohol Changers (Lowering the carbs)


If you want a drink with a change, then you have pretty good options available. Many people like to change the taste and effect of alcohol by adding following Alcohol Changers.


Here are some good options


  • Water
  • Bitterness
  • Soda
  • Carbonized diet water
  • Energy drinks
  • Water enhancers




No doubt, water is the best option for alcohol. It converts the taste of alcohol to suit your requirement of drink.  




It’s a combination of herbs which are usually used to create a flavor of alcohol. mostly it tastes like sugar, so you can also make it at your home.




Some various products and sugar substitutes are used in diet soda. So, Carefully check the product tags.


Carbonized diet water


Carbonized diet water has zero net carbs. It is a very good option for keto dieters.


Energy drinks


Many brands such as Monster, Red Bull add sweet flavor with erythritol.


Water enhancing


Many brands such as Mio, Star, and Crystal Light use fizzy water for alcohol.


How much Alcohol should you drink to STAY in Keto? 


The big Question, indeed…….

It simply depends on the type of alcoholic beverage you decide to drink. From what you have read above, it is evident that many alcoholic beverages have more carbs than others. Steering off high-carb drinks is safest.  Only select low-carb alcoholic beverages and you are good to go.

Stick to one hard drink per event as an overall rule.

Too many drinks in one day certainly would kick you out of ketosis.


Why would you want to say NO to Alcohol on keto Diet?


There are many causes to reduce alcohol drinking on the keto diet. If you drink alcohol on keto diet you might face the problems given below:


  • Reduced self-control
  • No improvement in weight lose
  • Increase in calories intake
  • Increase in hunger
  • Dehydration problem


Reduced self-control


Alcohol plays with your brain, which directly affects your mood, your memory, and your behavior.   It can contribute to an increase in mood disorders, which can allow for making choices that should not usually make.


No improvement in weight loss


You need low carbs and high fat in a keto diet. When you drink alcohol the sugar is much more active instead of fat.


Increase in calories intake


Alcohol has usually 8 grams of calories which is high for the keto diet.


Increase in hunger


When you drink alcohol your mind goes into starvation mode and you feel hungry. Alcohol reduces self-control, it creates problems to stick on your diet plan.


Dehydration problem


Alcohol allows the body to leak more water and keeps you dehydrated, which would make you feel awful. If you are drinking alcohol on keto diet, drink water again and again.


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Few Ideas to Safely drink Alcohol on keto Diet


You can enjoy alcohol during the keto diet by making just a few adjustments while you are taking alcohol.


Here are few ideas for you:


  • Drink lots of water (before, during and after alcohol)
  • Drink in moderation
  • Select low carbs drink only
  • Choice of food after drinking
  • Keto-friendly meals
  • One drink only


Drink lots of water


If you love drinking, then after every glass of alcohol you just need to take the extra water. make it a point to drink before, during and after you have finished drinking alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates your body, keeping it hydrated will not only keep your alcohol levels low in the blood, but will also save you from a hangover next day.


Drink in moderation


When you go to any party or event, there is no need to miss the small occasional glass of alcohol. This will not increase the carbs and calories in the body. This will overcome fatigue and drinking a lot of water keeps you healthy.


Choice of food after drinking


If you’re drinking a zero-carb or low-carb cocktail, and eat high carb food. It will kick you out from ketosis. You lose your emotions when you drink alcohol.  Stay with keto-friendly choices of alcohol and watch out your goals regularly.

For example, You should avoid the late-night pizza, ice cream, or burger and fries.


Keto-friendly meal


A meal that is high in carbohydrates increases the weight of the body. But you shouldn’t intake carb food while you’re on a keto diet or else you get out of ketosis.

What to do? Eat a meal that promotes the ketogenic lifestyle. Consume food which is high in nutrients and fats.

The eggs, beef, and fatty fish are great choices.


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One drink only


Implement a rule for yourself that you will drink only only one glass of alcohol on a keto diet. Now, don’t increase the size of that glass (large or extra large). Stay true and stay determined.

There is a risk of taking in more carbs if you are choosing beer, even one extra glass of beer with high carbs can kill your entire process.


Low-Carb Keto Drink Recipes (Give it a twist)


It’s a Bonus for you! If you want to drink alcohol on keto diet, sure there are few keto-friendly options. These have fewer carbs and low sugar content.




  • Rum and coke
  • Low Carb red sangria recipe
  • Less Carb cherry fizz
  • Low Carb vodka
  • Red cocktail

Rum and Coke


Here are the ingredients:

  • 2 oz. rum
  • 1 can cola
  • 1 lime



  • Put rum into the ice
  • Add cola on the top of um glass
  • Gently squeeze the lime
  • Enjoy it

Low Carb Red Sangria recipe


Here are the ingredients:

  • Red wine 4 oz.
  • Coda 4 oz.
  • ice
  • Vodka 1 oz.
  • The flavor of berry ¼ teaspoon
  • Water enhancer



  • Mix the vodka, water enhancer, and wine in a glass and blend it nicely.
  • Add some ice in the glass
  • Now add soda in it
  • Enjoy it

Low Carb Cherry Fizz


Here are the ingredients:

  • Gin oz.
  • Lime juice ½ oz.
  • Cherry water ¼ teaspoon
  • Egg white 1
  • Ice



  • Mix the lime, gin cherry water in a glass
  • Add ice and shake it.
  • Enjoy it


Low Carb Vodka


Here are the ingredients:

  • Any flavored vodka 1 ounce
  • Vodka 2 ounce
  • Bluewater enhancer ¼ teaspoon
  • Ginger beer 5 ounce
  • Ice



  • Mix your favorite flavored vodka, water enhancer, and vodka
  • Add ice
  • Now add ginger beer
  • Enjoy it


Red Cocktail


Here are the ingredients:

  • Scotch 2 ounce
  • Gin 2 ounce
  • Orange syrup ½ ounce
  • Lime
  • Ginger beer
  • Ice



  • Add the ice in a glass
  • Mix the scotch, gin, orange syrup, and lime
  • Shake it
  • Add some ginger beer
  • Add lime for garnish
  • Enjoy it


Things to take care of while Consuming Alcohol on Keto Diet


While, a lot of drinking options have been given in this article for you folks. Still, it is always advisable to be careful about not drink alcohol excessively or regularly. There are several serious health effects, so don’t ignore the following in the future when you drink your alcohol (this goes a a general advice to all humans ;):


  • Calories
  • Tolerance
  • Craving
  • Fluid retention
  • Sugars




Alcohol tends to act as calories and slow down fat loss. The body starts to burn alcohol rather than fat.




Many people on a ketogenic or low-carb diet have a much lower alcohol tolerance than normal people. Be aware of more use of alcohol.




Companies add sugar in mixers, liquors, and many alcohols. While several businesses are releasing information on nutrition, few are not. You should try to educate yourself and study nutrition before drinking alcohol.




Most people feel craving while drinking – this can lead to poor choices (eating high-carb food or even over-consumption of drink and food).


Fluid retention


Since keto is a natural stimulant, you need to be careful about how much water you drink with the alcohol. Seek to drink 1 glass per drink, before bed, and extra juice.


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If you are on the keto diet for losing weight, you should avoid any type of alcoholic drink. But if you want to drink alcohol you can take a low carb drink and stay on the keto diet. Looks like a Good Deal. No?

Mostly, alcohol can slow down the process of fat loss because only small amounts of fatty acids may be converted into ketones which are not good for dieting. Drinking alcohol interferes with liver function and slows done the digestion process.

During dieting, alcohol can affect your mood, behavior, and also memory. If you are a regular drinker, the process of weight loss is going to be very slow in your body because of frequent alcohol intakes.

For people who follow the keto diet and can not give up drinking entirely or who have a social obligation to drink, it is a must to select the alcohol drink wisely which has fewer carbs. This is to ensure that they keep their diet regime intact.

Some alcoholic drinks contain a lot of carbs that take the body out of the keto diet quite easily. This sort of mis-managed Keto Diet will not affect your body positively. Few wines, beers, and rums have fewer carbs (mentioned in the article above) can be chosen over others while having alcohol on keto diet. This would be a smarter choice if you just can’t say NO to Drinks on Keto Diet.

You need to drink lots of water during dieting to keep your body well hydrated. If you don’t fill your body with ample amount of water, it can result in unwanted outcomes.

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