At Keto Diet Active, updated and useful knowledge on Ketogenic diet and create simple low carb recipes that make you want to jump-start or stick to your ketogenic lifestyle.

Whether you’re new to keto or have been following the low carb lifestyle for a long time, I’m glad you stopped by!


I’m Varun – A 35-year-old MBA with over 12 years of corporate experience. My favorite things to do include playing cricket, Gyming, Yoga, photography and writing. Currently I’m on a journey to become healthier in my spiritual life, mentally and physically, to become a better human overall.


My journey to start Keto Diet Active began in 2019. Which is almost 4 years after December 2015 when I decided I was finally going to do something about how I felt. Each day I was so tired, hungry, and overall unhappy. I was gaining weight for no reasons at all. Stress was creeping up. Additionally, my cholesterol levels were sky high which I discovered accidentally while taking up a job which required full medical check-up in 2016. I took it up as a challenge to cut down these levels naturally by losing weight and coming to dezired BMI. Exercise alone was not enough though.

Hence, I researched and ate the internet for information. That’s when I discovered KETOGENIC DIET, and fell in love with the low carb lifestyle. That was the time when I considered changing my eating habits completely and see if this diet even works. And thankfully it did.

So I began! Began my journey to a healthier me. Into taking advantage of all the hours in the day instead of just letting them pass me by. A better spiritual life, a more positive attitude and a healthier body are my goals and each day is an opportunity to become the person I want to be.


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